Vance – Central Texas

Cortney, I enjoyed your book. It is easy to read and to the point. I am the superintendent of a school in central Texas. I would like to purchase some paper-back editions of your book. It will be great if I can put one in the hands of each teacher here. I am always looking for easy reads that have substance for my teachers. I am thankful for people like you – the ones that have the courage to step out and take chances.

Paula Monique

I received a link to download a free e-book copy. I read it and I couldn’t stop reading it because it is so awesome to me. It is a great down-to-earth read. It keeps you interested; it’s inspiring; it’s direct and to the point. It’s encouraging, and it’s spiritual. This young man gives his testimony with no apologies about his faith in God. I not only read it, but I’m reading it again. I will read it again and again! That’s how valuable this book is!

Cavell – Racine, Wisconsin

When I began to read this book, I could not put it down! “Stuck in Neutral” is an above average book. From the onset, purpose is demonstrated and defined through an individual’s personal relationship with God. If you are stuck in a circumstance or situation, take your key, place the key in the ignition of your car called LIFE, and begin your quest on the road to live LIVE LIFE IN DRIVE by reading this book.