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“Stuck in neutral” is a state-of-being where life is paralyzed and no matter what you try or how hard you work, things never seem to get better, and in fact you experience constant unhappiness and unfulfillment. The success principles in this book will teach you how to get out of neutral, maximize your gift and discover your true purpose–which will lead to happiness, wellness and riches.


In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your gift and discover your purpose
  • Build success with “God-confidence”
  • Maximize your greatest asset – YOU
  • Use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Overcome fear, and more


Who is this this book for?

  • People who have reached a place in their life where they’re seeking something more
  • Anyone who wants to be successful
  • Anyone who has ever asked the question is that all that life has to offer?


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Chapter 13 of Stuck in Neutral is “Understanding Failure” and it talks about how failure is part of the formula for success, the negative effects of fear and how to overcome it.

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Good Vibes from Readers

I was at home flipping through the TV channels and came across you on a TV show. Listening to you talk really inspired me to start back using the talents that God blessed me with.


I just wanted to let you know that I felt really convicted about an endeavor for over a year. I prayed for guidance to see if it was really Him and if this is really what He had in mind for me. Then I came to work and you spoke in devotion… and I knew. You said I would never know if I didn’t try, and that the worst thing that could happen would be that I would learn a lot. Such a simple truth was just what I needed. So– thank you.

Melinda – Tupelo

Before working with The People's Entrepreneur, I was very active without maximizing the moment. I was speaking at many great events, but I didn't have an effective way for people to contact and stay connected with me. People had a difficult time finding me online, which caused me to lose bookings. All of this changed once Cortney got involved in my marketing and branding. His branding consultations and solutions has led to more bookings and opportunities to share what I do with the world. I would advise anyone who is in need of branding solutions to go work with Cortney Sargent.

Dwight Taylor

Working with Sargent Branding has been such a pleasure. They took my ideas and turned them into works of art. Everyone who has made comments about our website has only said how awesome it looks. I will continue to use them for all of my design projects.


Professional. Driven. Integrity. Traits essential for successful business in the expanding internet domain. Sargent Branding delivered a phenomenal product based on these essential traits for the branding of my start-up business. He brought a level of creativity and effective communication that met my specific needs and ensured a quality product delivered on time. When I recognize the potential need for graphic/web services for others, they are the only company that comes to mind because of my experience. They're awesome!

John – U.S. Army

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