I have been the keynote speaker, motivational speaker and trainer for countless events, small groups, workshops, and seminars. I’ve also organized and hosted many events.I love sharing my story, knowledge and experience with a captive audience who’s hungry to learn and excel. I’m passionate about all things personal branding, business and motivation.

A few topics I like to speak about


My Personal Journey From Stuck In Neutral to Living in Drive

In this session I talk about how how I reinvented myself from a poor college drop-out to an award-winning graphic designer, author and social entrepreneur. I give you the exact principles and steps I used to transform my life and build my wealth.


An Introduction to Personal Branding – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

This powerful presentation will teach you about personal branding, why it’s important and how you can use it to build your brand, grow your business, build your wealth, and live the life of your dreams. Through a series of games, contests and prizes attendees will constantly be engaged and empowered.


7 Golden Principles That Will Build Your Brand, Enrich Your Life and Grow Your Business

This session will teach you how to apply my golden principles of success that will transform the way you live and do business–getting you one step closer to your American Dream. You will also learn how having the “Up Together Mentality” can build your brand, enrich your life and grow your business.


12 Proven Steps to Write and Publish a Book From Start to Finish

Everyone has a message and an audience waiting to hear it–what are you doing with yours? Do you have a book idea that you want to write and publish but don’t know where to start? This workshop covers everything from writing your first chapter, to getting printed copies of your book. I will lead you through my proven 12-step process that I’ve used to publish books for myself and others. This workshop will help you take your book from idea to marketplace.


Religious & Motivation

  • Church On Pause: A Real Talk Conversation With Today’s Youth
  • Bringing Down “The Wall”: How to Bridge the Gap Between Parents and Today’s Youth
  • Everyone Ends Up Somewhere in Life—Where Will You End Up?

How May I Serve You

If you feel I would be a good speaker or trainer for your conference, church, workshop, or interview, let’s chat about it and see where it goes. No pressure, though.

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