About Cortney

A true renaissance man dedicated to helping people succeed.

Cortney and ChristianI grew up to a single mom in the trailer parks of Columbus, MS. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had a lot of love. In 2009 I married my beautiful wife Christian without a job or place to live (for real!). But, it worked out because we were blessed to live a year rent-free in a beautiful suburb.

However, the following year, due to unforeseen circumstances and no money, we ended up having to move in with my mom into my old room. We got pregnant with quadruplets, and unfortunately had a miscarriage. So, now we’re broke, living with my mom, beat down by life with no future. This was the darkest time of my life!

Instead of allowing life to happen TO me, I decided to take action and take my life BACK!

After working multiple jobs making less than $20,000/year, I had an aha moment…

I got introduced to personal branding and started learning everything I could about it. I realized that the gifts, skills and talents I was using to make those companies money, I could use them to make me money.

With some calculated decisions, a year later I quit my job and started my own graphic and web design company.

I won 3 graphic design awards, wrote & published multiple books, became a national radio host, and started 5 businesses. I more than doubled my income in less than 24 months because I leveraged the power of personal branding, and turned my GIFTS in GOLD (in my early 20s).

Today I’m a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, CEO of an international agency, and COO of Vicky Cakes—America’s 1st Black-owned pancake mix in national retail.

I love to help entrepreneurs & marketers build what I call “Paradise brands”—by improving their visuals and website, so they can increase their income and influence.

I also love filmmaking and investing in the youth! But, my favorite thing to do is watch movies and travel with my wife and kids.

I’m known by some as The People’s Entrepreneur because of my heart to help people with my business.

 My life’s motto is “let’s make it better by going up together”. The best thing about the journey to the top is helping someone along the way.

At the end of my life, I want to have made an impact on the world that would resonate for many generations.