75 Secrets to Business Startup

Don’t let your startup dreams die because you’re overwhelmed or unsure of what’s really involved in getting started. Entrepreneur.com has simplified things for you by going straight to the experts to find out their top 75 tips for startup success, so you can master the process step by step.

#1 – 5: Writing Your Business Plan
A solid plan can help you start off strong and stay that way.

#6 – 10: Finding Your Target Audience
Choose your target customer, then take aim in the right direction.

#11 – 15: Choosing a Name
Here’s how to choose your handle with care.

#16 – 19: Should You Incorporate?
Select the right legal structure for your company’s operations.

#20 – 24: Finding Advisors
Tea up with advisors who are willing and able to help.

#25 – 30: Searching for Funding
Don’t let lack of funding put the brakes on your startup.

#31 – 35: Finding a Location
The right location increases your odds of winning the business game.

#36 – 43: Equipping Your Business
Set up your startup with the right tech tools.

#44 – 49: Protecting Your New Business
Minimize your risk with business insurance.

#50 – 54: Hiring Smart
Invest in your business’s future by hiring well.

#55 – 59: Getting the Word Out
How you spread the word is as important as the word itself.

#60 – 65: Selling Like a Pro
Get out there and show ’em what you’ve got–literally.

#66 – 70: Managing Your Business Finances
Money is the lifeblood of your business, so keep close tabs on it.

#72 – 75: Smart Tax Tips
Doing taxes right can save you money in the long run.

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